Prior to embarking upon your matchmaking journey, there are a few key factors which should be taken into consideration. 1. Self-love I believe it is extremely important to love yourself and your own company. We are the creation of Allah, He has shaped and formed us exactly as He willed. He is the best of […]
We at Disabled Muslim Matrimony are a UK based service who aim to help disabled single Muslims find their lifelong partners insha’Allah. We provide two services, one of which is the Disabled Muslim Matrimony event service where we will be holding events across the UK to allow single Muslims to meet in a calm and […]
PUT SOME SPARKLE INTO YOU PROFILE AND ATTRACT YOUR SOUL MATE. When we say adding sparkle to your profile, we mean we want you to express yourself by telling everyone about your amazing personal qualities. Allow your beautiful personality to shine through so that the person who is compatible with you will sense the deep […]