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Health is a crown…

“Health is a crown worn by those who are well and seen only by the sick.” Disability discrimination and prejudice is something which a lot of disabled Muslims are subjected to from within our communities. Regardless of the type of discrimination, whether it be from family members, family friends or the wider community, it is unacceptable, and horrendous in all […]

Inspirational Stories – Anxiety and me

Anxiety – definition: a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. Here is one brother’s account of anxiety and its effects in his life. What condition do you have and how does it affect you in your daily life? I have Trichotillomania which is a hair pulling disorder on the Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum, recurrent Depression, and […]

Inspirational stories – Zara Writes

Zara is an inspirational blogger who discusses various interesting topics, ranging from disability to fashion and more! Zara uses her Instagram platform to share her love for reading with fellow book lovers. We wanted Zara to share her experiences in life as someone with Spastic Diplegia. Here’s what she had to say… What condition do you have and how does […]

A spotlight on the stigmatisation of disabled Muslims

Across the globe, stigma, prejudice and stereotypes contribute to the exclusion and discrimination which many disabled Muslims face in their everyday lives. There are various contributing factors of disability stigma. Firstly, the lack of awareness and understanding in regards to the cause of disability is a key contributor in the stigma which many disabled Muslims experience. These misconceptions often result […]

Disabled Muslim Matrimony – Changing Lives

This is what our members and their families had to say about our recent Disabled Muslim Matrimony event in Preston, Lancashire UK. “I’m genuinely very impressed with how accommodating you’ve been as a service to make the event as inclusive and stress free for everyone involved.” Another member sent us a beautiful dua saying, “May Allah help everyone on this […]


“Love should not be the challenge, love should be the answer to the challenge.”   The definition of true love by Inshirah Centre TV. We are challenged with temptations which can be easy to take or withhardships which can be hard to take- either way, love is the answer to manyproblems. A spouse stands with you during the joyous times, […]

Who We Are And What We Do

We at Disabled Muslim Matrimony are a UK based service who aim to help disabled single Muslims find their lifelong partners insha’Allah. We provide two services, one of which is the Disabled Muslim Matrimony event service where we will be holding events across the UK to allow single Muslims to meet in a calm and comfortable environment ensuring everyone feels […]