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A spotlight on the stigmatisation of disabled Muslims

Across the globe, stigma, prejudice and stereotypes contribute to the exclusion and discrimination which many disabled Muslims face in their everyday lives. There are various contributing factors of disability stigma. Firstly, the lack of awareness and understanding in regards to the cause of disability is a key contributor in the stigma which many disabled Muslims experience. These misconceptions often result […]

New Year New You – Love yourself

“Finding a marriage partner can be difficult, even in the best of times. Finding your soul-mate while having to overcome barriers which society has created can be even more challenging and complicated. “ There are many misconceptions and skewed views within society of those with disabilities. The general stereotypical view is one of loneliness and incompetence; where disabled individuals are […]

Inspirational stories – My disability has given me more confidence

FatimaAlainah is a beautiful, young lady who uses her social media platform to inspire thousands and raises awareness of Muscular Dystrophy. Here’s what she had to say.. What are your greatest achievements thus far? My greatest achievement for me was that I was on the front cover of Asian image magazine. I’ve always wanted to do modelling but I’ve just […]

Creating An Online Profile

PUT SOME SPARKLE INTO YOU PROFILE AND ATTRACT YOUR SOUL MATE. When we say adding sparkle to your profile, we mean we want you to express yourself by telling everyone about your amazing personal qualities. Allow your beautiful personality to shine through so that the person who is compatible with you will sense the deep connection from the get-go. You […]