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This is what our members and their families had to say about our recent Disabled Muslim Matrimony event in Preston, Lancashire UK.

“I’m genuinely very impressed with how accommodating you’ve been as a service to make the event as inclusive and stress free for everyone involved.”

Another member sent us a beautiful dua saying, “May Allah help everyone on this group find a partner ameen; and Allah bless the team and everyone who has led to the success of this event ameen.”

While another member said, “JazakAllah khair for keeping us updated every step of the way. This is something new & you’re doing everything within your means to make the process easier for us. I can’t wait to come on Thursday & meet new individuals. Especially those who may have gone through similar struggles in life.”

A mother of one of our members sent a lovely message with a beautiful dua after the event saying,

“Jazak Allah Khair for organising the event. It was evident that there was lots of planning behind the scenes. I pray for the success of the new venture as it is greatly needed and a to be promoted more. Bless you and the team may you all be rewarded abundantly ameen.”

One member loved how we paid attention to every detail to ensure that our members were supported in the best way possible, saying,

"It's the small things that make this service stand out Masha'Allah."

While a sister of one of our members said the following,

“I want to just give a massive thank you to everyone to the staff who organised the Preston Marriage Event for disabled people today.
It was the first my brother went to one of these events and he was very nervous at first, but as the day went on, he became really calm. The event wasn’t rushed and there were refreshments ready (I had a lot of cake sorry

 There was a lot of space to move around too. I was impressed with the location as it had lots of car park spaces.

I highly recommend others and encourage them to go to the next event that is coming.
My brother has managed to find someone and insha’Allah things work out. “


She further explained,

"My brother said he was very comfortable seeing how organised it [the Disabled Muslim Matrimony event] was."

We are extremely grateful to Allah for granting us this opportunity to help our fellow Muslims on their journey to find their marriage partners. Alhamdulilah, we are humbled by the duas and fantastic feedback we have received from our members and their families.

May Allah bless all our members and grant everyone their perfect spouse, ameen.

We will be holding another event in Preston Lancashire, UK, in June, 2020.

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