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Sumaiyya is a highly ambitious young woman who enjoys learning new skills and playing sports. Here is her story.

Can you briefly tell us about your condition and how it affects your daily life? 

I have Cerebral Palsy which affects my legs, I have speech difficulty and learning difficulties. I also have mental health problems so I’m mostly in my bedroom but I use a power wheelchair.

How has your disability empowered you?

Yes, I believe that by praying to Allah a lot and asking Him for what I want, I can achieve anything in my life. I want to tell all those with any kind of disabilities that you can achieve what you want, if you believe Allah and in yourself – everything will be okay insha’Allah.

Has your disability hindered you in achieving your dreams and life goals?

“Every day and every night without doubt I pray that I get married to a loving and caring partner. InshaAllah Allah will make me and my future partner live our long healthy life together.”


What stigmas and barriers do individuals with disabilities face in the Muslim communities?

Some people think that it is okay to speak behind other people’s backs. These people also don’t realise that we know they are talking about us. People will also make us feel left out of conversations.

How can we change the negative attitudes towards disabled Muslims in our communities?

Some Muslim people need to accept and be open minded about disability not just look at them [those with disabilities] and think that they are useless, hopeless and worthless.

What advice would you give to your fellow Muslims with disabilities who are struggling with the daily challenges of living with a disability?

Just pray a lot to Allah that you are able to achieve the things that you want,  yes it is really hard to do, but you need to stand up InshaAllah Allah will accept your prayers.

What is your greatest achievement thus far?

Meeting new people of all ages and speaking on my own.

Yes, some of my family didn’t think I could do anything good for myself, but I constantly make a lot of dua.  One day I will prove those family members wrong – I just need to have faith in Allah and myself.

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