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Terms and Conditions

Disabled Muslim Matrimony Events Terms and Conditions


Please see below for our Terms and Conditions which shall apply to free and paid
Events, organised by

By registering and participating in Events, the Participant
fully accepts these Terms and Conditions.

Article 1: Conditions
for registration

 Only persons over 18
may register for free or paid Events.

  1. Any
    Member or Subscriber who wishes to register for an Event must complete the
    Disabled Muslim Matrimony Event Registration Form. Members of Disabled Muslim
    Matrimony may log in on the Website and access the Events Page using his/her
    email address and confidential password and register their interest for the
    Event by completing the Disabled Muslim Matrimony Event Registration Form.

  1. Except
    in the event of a wrongdoing exclusively attributable to Disabled Muslim
    Matrimony or technical failure of the Services, the Member or Subscriber will
    be responsible for the use of his/her confidential information or other
    identifiers by third parties or actions or statements made through the Member’s
    personal account, whether fraudulent or not, and will indemnify and hold
    Disabled Muslim Matrimony harmless against any claims in this respect.
    Furthermore, Disabled Muslim Matrimony is not required and does not have the
    technical means to verify the identity of persons registering for its Services.
    If the Member or Subscriber has reason to believe that a person is using
    his/her information, username, password or account, that Member must
    immediately inform Disabled Muslim Matrimony at

Article 2: How to

2.1. In order to register for an Event, free or paid, the
Member or Subscriber must:

    – provide the
necessary information for their registration on the Events Page

    – read these Terms
and Conditions as well as any conditions specific to certain Events and fully
accept them.

    – pay in
accordance with the conditions and price indicated in case of paid Events.

2.2. Disabled Muslim Matrimony will confirm the registration
and/or purchase by sending a confirmation email, thus finalising the contract
between Disabled Muslim Matrimony and the Participant.

2.3. Before confirming the registration for the chosen
Event, the Member or Subscriber must ensure that all the information displayed
is the same as the information he/she provided as it cannot be modified after
this step.

Article 3: Inviting
Carers and Chaperones

Each Member or Subscriber may bring carers and up to two
chaperones to the Event for which he/she has registered.

Only the Member or Subscriber enters into a contract with
Disabled Muslim Matrimony.

When a Member or a Subscriber provides the Carer’s and
Chaperone’s contact information to Disabled Muslim Matrimony, including his/her
surname, first name and email address, he/she undertakes to have previously
obtained the express consent of the latter for this data to be processed by
Disabled Muslim Matrimony in accordance with the conditions described in
article 13 below, and provides them under his/her sole responsibility.

The carer’s and chaperone’s information will only be used to
send him/her an email informing him/her of the Event and the applicable
conditions on behalf of the Member or Subscriber who provided their contact
details to Disabled Muslim Matrimony.

Article 4: Minimum number
of Participants

The holding of the Event may be subject to a minimum or
maximum number of Participants, in accordance with the information provided if
applicable on the relevant Events Page of the Websites.

If the minimum number of Participants for a specific Event
is not reached, Disabled Muslim Matrimony reserves the right to cancel the
Event and reimburse the Members and Subscribers in accordance with article 7 of
these Terms and Conditions.

Article 5: Price and

Unless displayed on the Events Page in local currency, paid
Events prices are displayed in British pounds sterling and all taxes included.

The Member or Subscriber can pay the price of the Event for

   – by card (online
or via mobile banking)

   – using an online
payment service (Paypal, Direct Debit, etc.) depending on the available options
on the relevant Website.

   – directly at the
venue for certain Events, without need for prior registration and depending on
the number of places available.

Article 6: No right of

In accordance with Article 28 (1) (h) of The Consumer
Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013,
the Participant is informed that the Events are not subject to the right of

Subsequently, the Member or Subscriber acknowledges that any
registration for Events carried out on the Website is final and cannot be
reimbursed by Disabled Muslim Matrimony, other than in accordance with article
7 of the Terms and Conditions.

Consequently, if the Participant does not attend or is
unable to participate in the Event at the time or place mentioned in his/her
contract, no refund will be issued nor will be refunded to the Subscriber or
the Member who paid.

Article 7:
Modification or Cancellation of an Event by Match

7.1 Modification of an Event

If, before the start of an Event, Disabled Muslim Matrimony
is forced to postpone or modify the Event (date, time, place), Disabled Muslim
Matrimony will inform the Participant of this via email as soon as possible.

The Participant must reply to Disabled Muslim Matrimony with
his/her decision regarding the modification by any means and at least
forty-eight (48) hours before the new Event date as indicated by Disabled
Muslim Matrimony. If no reply is received within this time, the Participant may
no longer request a refund for the Event he/she registered for initially.

If the Participant refuses the modification of the Event,
the Participant may terminate the contract by any means forty-eight (48) hours
before the new Event date, at the latest, and receive his/her full refund for
amounts paid with no extra charge, if applicable, within thirty (30) days.

7.2 Cancellation of an Event

If Disabled Muslim Matrimony is forced to cancel an Event,
it shall inform the Participant of this by any means and reimburse, if
applicable, the full amount paid by the Participant within 30 days.

 Article 8: Conditions for access and
participation in Events

 Conditions for access

Once registered for an Event, the Member or Subscriber and
any Carer or Chaperone shall enjoy strictly personal access to this Event,
provided they have met the conditions for registration and, if applicable, paid
for the relevant Event.

It is specified that access to an Event may be refused to
any Member, Subscriber or Guest not registered for this Event or for whom the
registration or payment conditions have not been met prior to the start of the
relevant Event or before the given deadline in order to validly register or
whose behaviour is not suitable to the conditions of organisation of the Event
or is contrary to public order, decency, health and safety conditions or
appropriate behaviour for the relevant Event or is posing a risk for the
decency or safety of a third party.

Moreover, some venues or Events may be inaccessible to
persons with certain disabilities or reduced mobility. Match cannot undertake
to provide the specific assistance required for these persons. Consequently, if
a carer or chaperone is required, the Participant must ensure that the person
accompanying him/her.

Finally, it is reiterated that when a chaperone or carer
participates in an Event he/she is deemed to have fully accepted these Terms
and Conditions that have been sent to him/her via email to the address provided
by the Member or Subscriber who invited him/her to the relevant Event.

Article 9: Code of

We hope that every Event is a good experience for everyone.
Consequently, all Members, Subscribers and, if applicable, their carers and
chaperones agree to follow our Code of Conduct:

    – Be friendly

    – Be yourself

    – Have appropriate
and constructive conversations

    – Follow the
instructions of the Event host

    – Report any
inappropriate behaviour to the Event host

    – Respect others’
opinions and decisions

    – Think of your
safety and that of others during the Event

    – Do not be rude,
lewd or offensive

    – Do not cause any
hassle during the Event

    – Do not provoke
or harass others

    – Do not resort to

    – Do not respond
harshly to rejection

In organising the Services, we have done our best to ensure
the safety of the Participants. The Members, Subscribers and their carers and
chaperones remain entirely responsible for complying with our Code of conduct
and the health and safety recommendations provided by the venue where the Event
is hosted. Disabled Muslim Matrimony will not be held liable in any event for
any loss or damage incurred by the Members, Subscribers, Chaperones or Carers
as a result of the actions, omissions or conduct of other Participants or other
members of the public that occur before, during or after the Event, including,
but not limited to, an incident or accident resulting from non-compliance with
the Code of conduct and/or the health and safety recommendations of the venue
by one of the Participants or other member of the public or from a lack of vigilance
or negligence of one of the Participants.

Article 10: Exclusion
of a Participant

The Participants understand that any behaviour occurring
during an Event which is contrary to the Code of Conduct in article 9 above,
may result in a warning and/or the exclusion of the Participant from an Event,
at the sole discretion of Disabled Muslim Matrimony or, if applicable, its
subcontractor, and particularly in case of insobriety, risk to the physical or
mental safety of the Participant or of third parties and harassment.

In the event that a Participant is excluded during an Event,
he/she may not claim any refund.

The decision to issue a warning or to exclude from an Event
may also justify a ban for this Participant to later register for another Event
organised by Disabled Muslim Matrimony or its partners.

Disabled Muslim Matrimony reserves the right to notify the
competent authorities, if needed, if the behaviour of a Participant constitutes
a disturbance to public safety or order.

Article 11: Liability

Disabled Muslim Matrimony shall not be held liable for any
modification or cancellation due to a force majeure event or for any damage of
any kind, occurring during an Event and attributable to a Participant or a
third party at the Event.

Article 12:

The Participant should contact Disabled Muslim Matrimony
with any complaints as soon as possible and at least thirty (30) days from the
date of the Event by any means allowing for acknowledgement of receipt using
the contact details provided in article 15 below.

Article 13: Personal

The information communicated by Participants during their
registration and their participation in an Event allows Disabled Muslim
Matrimony, and if needed their partners, to offer and run Events.

Participants’ personal data is processed in compliance with
the Disabled Muslim Matrimony privacy policy available on the Website where the
Services are purchased.

Article 14:  Applicable law – Litigation

These Terms and Conditions are governed, interpreted and
applied in accordance with the laws of England and Wales, subject to the
statutory rules of the Member or Subscriber’s country of residence.

In the event of a dispute, if an amicable agreement cannot
be reached, the competent authorities will be the courts of the consumer’s
place of residence located in one of the member states of the European Economic
Area or in Switzerland.

Article 15: Who are

The Services provided by Disabled Muslim Matrimony to the
Members and Subscribers pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, are offered by

For any questions, you can contact Disabled Muslim Matrimony
by mail: or by completing the contact form.