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Prior to embarking upon your matchmaking journey, there are a few key factors which should be taken into consideration.

1. Self-love

I believe it is extremely important to love yourself and your own company. We are the creation of Allah, He has shaped and formed us exactly as He willed. He is the best of Planners and never makes mistakes and there is greater wisdom in everything He does. Therefore, we should embrace and love our bodies as they are beautiful and made exactly how Allah intended.

Be confident and this will naturally attract more potentials insha’Allah. Don’t forget the mantra, you are beautiful, you are worthy of love and happiness, and created by the Best of Creators.

2. Honesty is the best policy

When speaking to a potential partner feel free to be upfront about your disability and be as honest as possible. By doing so it will help you gauge who to trust and will allow you to eliminate those who may potentially have an ‘issue’ with your disability and you’ll be left with the genuine ones insha’Allah.

When you are ready, it’s always a good idea to speak about your disability openly and be as transparent as possible. You want to feel as comfortable as possible from the get go and honesty is most definitely the best policy.

Disabilities come in many forms, some more visible than others. If you are a wheelchair user, feel free to upload pictures of yourself sitting in your wheelchair, proud of you who are and everything you have been blessed with. Your wheelchair does not define you, you define you!

3. Knowing what you want

It is okay to have a set criteria of what you want in a partner, but it’s just as important to be open minded. It is vital to take the time to learn about yourself and understand the qualities you want in a partner versus the qualities you need in a partner. By doing this it will enable you to make better choices and weigh out what you can compromise on and the factors which are non negotiable.

Take your time and do not rush in to something which you are not completely comfortable with. Allow time and fate to take its course. Allah will grant you your perfect match insha’Allah, so continue to supplicate to Him. He simply needs to say ‘Be’ and it is.

4. Love your imperfections

Living with a disability can be challenging in its own right, therefore it’s important to remember that a relationship is a two-way street. It is essential for both parties to bring something to the equation within a relationship. It is imperative that the partner accepts you for you, which means accepting the disability too. Similarly, this also works the other way around, it is equally important to accept them for who they are, including their imperfections.

Nobody is perfect so do not put any pressure on yourself to be something which you are not.

5. Allah is the Best of Planners

If for whatever reason things do not go as planned, please resist the urge to blame yourself. If it is written for you, then it will happen, if Allah has better plans for you, then you will surely find someone who is better suited to you insha’Allah.

Make time for yourself and focus your energy on things which make you happy.

Make time for yourself and Allah. Supplicate to Him often and build a strong bond and friendship with Him. He is the bestower of love and happiness and He can surely grant you the spouse of your dreams insha’Allah.

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