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"I believe, if we truly stopped and thought about how precious marriage is and how precious our spouses are, the home would be a peaceful and happy place, where fear and violence are but impossibilities."

The most famous verse in the Quran about marriage is found in chapter 30, in verse 21: and God describes that one of the many purposes of marriage is to feel tranquillity and contentment and that it creates love and care within the heart.  If only if we truly stopped to think, because as God tells us, “there are sufficient proofs for those who think”.

It is rare to find tranquillity in this world, in fact we are conditioned to accept that the world turns because of motion, the continuous grind of life, the need for that next wage slip, that next fix, that next boost of dopamine and adrenaline. An absence of calm means we never stop and think, but the comfort and contentment of our spouses are things that money can’t buy.

In the arms of your beloved, the heart calms and the worries and pangs of sadness subside. God created us in pairs, He created no other person that can fulfil our deepest needs like a spouse can.


I think we, sometimes we forget the miracle of marriage and the blessings God puts into it. Our wives bring peace, happiness, laughter, fun and unequalled support to our lives, where else can we find all of these qualities? A beautiful garden may bring us peace, but can it make us laugh? Anybody can make us laugh but very few will support us through the highs and lows.

It is therefore a shame that women are at times objectified and not treated how they deserve to be by their husbands, that a person that God places in our lives to make us happy and at peace is thrown in the bin while men look for a second wife.
We chase the idea of perfection, that feeling of achievement, we want a full stomach, full heart and full house – but most often the person we already have is already the definition of perfection, is an achievement, does fill our heart and does fill a house with joy. If only we stopped to think.

"So, stop and think, be merciful, be kind, give thanks to God and your spouse. You are a pair, a pair comes together, a pair matches, you are not opposites, you are not divided. You have freedom, you are individuals, but you are still paired."

So let this be a reminder of the blessings and the miracle of marriage, that a marriage respected is a unity of two souls that through tranquillity and happiness become as one – and that both, like a compass, produce the perfect circle, an absolute wholeness that lasts for eternity. A small piece of paradise on earth.

By Gareth Abdullah – Inshirah Centre TV

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