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“Love should not be the challenge, love should be the answer to the challenge.”

The definition of true love by Inshirah Centre TV.

We are challenged with temptations which can be easy to take or with
hardships which can be hard to take- either way, love is the answer to many

A spouse stands with you during the joyous times, the proud times, the
painful times, the times when you feel at your lowest, your loneliest times and
at your best. No other person does that with such commitment as your spouse.
A person’s money or lack of, a person’s ethnicity, their ability or their
religious interpretation must not be a reason not to allow somebody to be that
person that will be committed to you.
For example, perhaps you see a person with a disability as being too difficult
for you to handle, but perhaps you are the person to help them through those
difficulties. Perhaps in allowing your heart to soften to difference you will
become a better person for it.
A person wants what you want, to be loved, to be supported, to laugh, to smile,
to excel and to meet God satisfied that they spent the life given to them as
well as they could do.

The global Muslim community should have no boundaries or borders, and the
love we share for one another should be no different.

One great example of a service that is challenging those boundaries is
Disabled Muslim Matrimony, a service that organises events and provides an
online service for people with disabilities looking to get married. It is
vitally important that services like this exist, and that Muslims are advocates
for the rights of others, not just their own micro-communities, but people of
all backgrounds.

I pray we do our bit to make a better world, for today and tomorrow, by
opening our minds and hearts.

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